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You Attract What You Think You Deserve

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You Attract What You Think You Deserve

You attract what you think you deserve

How’s life going for you at the moment? Are you getting the results that you want in each and every area of your life?

Well it is time to wake up. Wake up to a harsh reality.

You are only getting the results in your life in accordance to what you consider yourself worthy to be.

Yes that is right. You are only receiving things in life in accordance to how highly you value yourself. You see we go through life wanting more yet attracting less. Why is that?
Simple, we only ever attract what we THINK we deserve. Yet the funny thing is our attraction ability is all hidden in the unconscious areas of the mind. We don’t even know what we really think we are worth. But in actuality we do if we simply have to look at what we currently have in our lives and know that it is a direct reflection of what we consider to be- ‘Enough’

We may walk around with our conscious mind focused on our wants and desires, yet it is our unconscious mind that is hooked into the attraction power of the universe and attracts things that are in alignment with our unconscious thoughts.

One of the biggest challenges is that we may seek a better something… but if we unconsciously don’t believe that we deserve the new and better something, we will NEVER attract it into our lives. Once we consider ourselves Worthy to receive something, it is then and only then that it appears and shows up in our lives.

So the question is, do you really consider yourself worthy of having that Ferrari or that million dollars?

You see unless you consider yourself worthy of even having it, you will never even take the first step of even asking for it. Asking for it to the universe or even asking other people for what you want.

If there is something that is not in your life right now, it isn’t there for only one reason. You don’t see it as important enough and yourself as deserving enough to have it.
Let’s examine the sentence- You Attract what you Think you deserve!

You means you the person.

Attract means bring forth to you based on your unconscious beliefs.

What You- The item or desired outcome.

Think- Think is the constraint around your perspective towards the issue. You have the ability to shape your thinking and see it as you want it. ‘Think’, because it is totally based on your beliefs about who you are.

You Deserve- What you consider yourself worthy to have.

If you look at any successful and content individual in the world, when they go for something and achieve a new level of success it is based on one core idea- They believe it is worth it and they are worthy of having the outcome.

Those who choose not to go for their dreams believe that they themselves are not worthy of obtaining them and they are only worthy of what they currently have.

On a scale on 1-10 how would you rate your results in the following areas-
Personal Relationships-
Money and Finances-

If you rated yourself anything less than a ten then first of all congratulations for your honesty. Second of all you now have an indication of how much you believe that you are worth in your own mind.

This is a harsh eye-opening exercise. However it is the truth.
If you haven’t attracted in the fulfillment that you truly desire in each of these areas it only means one thing- you don’t consider yourself worthy of having more.

Money and Finances- You don’t consider yourself worthy yet to have more riches in your life.

Relationships- If you are not satisfied with your current partner than you don’t see yourself as
deserving a better one. If you don’t have one, then unconsciously you don’t see yourself as worthy enough to have one yet. Or you are choosing consciously not to have one.

Health-If you are sick then you don’t see yourself as deserving to be well.

Career- If you are in a job that you are not absolutely passion about and paid well for, you don’t currently see yourself as being worthy of a better one.

Family-If you don’t have the family relationships that you truly desire, then you don’t see yourself worthy enough to have them and to not tolerate what you will not tolerate.

Once we do see ourselves as worthy, it is then and only then that we take the action required for the new outcome to occur.

This process can be so empowering as we realize how our perceptions or worth can be shaping our situations and it immediately places us back in control.

When we feel deserving we unconsciously take the action that creates or attracts the outcome that we are looking for. Until we can see and feel and believe ourselves to be worthy enough we will never consciously go after what we want as it would conflict with our current identity.
We know that if we want the Ferrari or Million dollars, our only job is to make ourselves worthy in our own mind and internally deserving off that outcome. As we do so we will unconsciously find the evidence to back up why we ‘should’ have that item and the universe will provide us with opportunities to demonstrate or even ask for that item and thus we will attract it to us.

All personal development in the material world, particularly seminars and workshops have one underlying goal and intention- To Raise Your Worth, in YOUR Mind! Why? Because as every single person in personal development leadership positions know, unconsciously or consciously, when an individual believes they deserve more, they will inadvertently attract it and come to expect it. This is not through an attitude of arrogance but an attitude of abundance and expectation that it is normal to have the next level of deservedness.

We may attract to us events that seem below us or inconvenient to us, yet if we are to attract better people and circumstances then we must outgrow them mentally and see ourselves deserving better.

So how do we really grow our self worth if we are ever to outgrow our discontentment or unfulfillment in life?

Before I share with you the steps to do this, let me ask you a question- if you were a parent would you aim to give your children absolutely everything you could if your resources were unlimited? Would you do whatever you could to provide for them if money was no object?

Let me assume the answer is Yes! Let me ask you the next question- Why?
Why would you believe that they deserve everything that you can give them?

Is it possible that they are deserving solely because they are your children and they are people? I have a feeling that this is how God or the Universe feels about things also. The universe around us wants us to have an attitude of ‘great expectations’ of blessings that are rightfully ours! The catch is, the universe will only dish out what you expect to receive and believe that you deserve to receive.

So knowing this let’s get moving on attracting what you truly deserve-everything and anything that you desire! Here are the 7 steps to make this happen.

1. Take an Assessment of Yourself- Do a quick self life analysis on where you are now and get sensitive about the areas that are not living up to your satisfaction and true potential. Notice an feel any gaps that are there and get ready to do something about them!

2. Know What you Stand For and Truly Desire-In order to raise our standards and worthiness we must first know what that would look like, how one would act and what one would be experiencing. Get clear on this and now you know what you are working towards.

3. Learn to Say NO!- A lot of people have trouble with this and rightfully so. We know how uncomfortable it is to hear ‘no!’ from others and the last thing that we want to do ourselves is reject another person with the word ‘NO!’. Yet a ‘No’ doesn’t have to be a drastic rude refusal. The best combination you can ever put together is – “No, thank you.” And then the magic word of “because…” When we are straight, yet respectful with people they will be respectful back to us. We must learn to say No in order to elevate our level of deservedness and lower our tolerance. By doing so, we are stating to the universe that our value is well above what we are currently experiencing and as such saying No to the continuation of what we are experiencing.

4. Learn to Ask for a little more Each Day- I am sure that you all remember Oliver Twist in the kitchen when he says- “Please Sir, Can I have some More?” Well good old Oliver believed he deserved something extra. Although he didn’t end up getting what he wanted, he did take the first step and ask. Just like him we too can practice the art of asking for a little bit more. You will not receive more unless you ask. So when you are asking for something in life, pop an extra zero on the end, upgrade that model that you are looking for, ask for that extra bonus, ask for that upgrade on the plane. It will never hurt to ask and by simply asking we are allowing the universe to provide for us through a new channel.

5. Practice Receiving Guilt Free- Similar to number four, start asking for more, but more importantly, start to feel elated about receiving. If someone gives you a compliment, you find some money on the ground or someone does something nice for you, instead of feeling guilty think instead- “Thank you so much, I received that because I deserved it!”

6. Know your Current Power Points- A warrior knows he is strong because he knows he has an arsenal of weapons and abilities. So do you. You also have an arsenal of amazing qualities, skills and strengths, yet most do not look into their weapons bag and see everything they have. The best way to build your worthiness is to take a look at the amazing skills and abilities you already have and check your self for the power that is at your fingertips that is unique to you. Once you know this you can expand on it and be proud of each skill and ability that makes up the entirety of you. Keep learning and polishing your skills and your worthiness must go up.

7. Outperform yourself- From step number 6 you know your abilities, talents and skills so going forward now each day seek to perform just a little bit better. A little bit longer, a little bit harder, faster, whatever the adjective might be. As you do start to outperform yourself and continue to ask yourself- How can I outperform my previous attempts? Your successes will build and so will your expectations of what is possible.

Your self- worth is the key driver of the potential of your success. Seek not to work on your success, but work on how you view yourself. Outperform your highest expectations and your worth will grow beyond your limitations.

As your worth grows so does the level of success that you will attract.
Connect with the true potential and pure essence of you and all your worthiness and all the success in the world is yours now.

Marc Miles.

Head of Training and Development Australian Institute of Learning


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